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If you are a property owner, and you haven't reviewed your property taxes recently, you are likely over-assessed. Contact SPC for a free review of your current property tax assessment.


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for today's property values.

We are highly skilled at litigating property tax disputes in the courtroom.

Michigan property taxes should be based on the property's market value. With the recent decline in such values, many owners, tenants and managers are now in a position to appeal their inflated tax assessments and reduce their property tax burdens.

The specialized attorneys at SPC have the legal knowledge and valuation expertise to successfully represent clients in all types of property tax appeals and disputes. We have extensive experience in evaluating tax assessments on behalf of our clients, and are able to anticipate and resolve issues surrounding comparability, vacancy, capitalization, costs and depreciation. We have a comprehensive understanding of the constitutional and statutory provisions governing property taxation, and are adept at managing the complex procedures and regulations associated with them.

While most cases are resolved through negotiation, we are highly skilled at litigating property tax disputes in the courtroom, and our reputation for success at trial gives us leverage in the negotiation process. For each and every case we take on, we work to deliver maximum value for the service we provide, and to help our clients keep more of the value of their property in their own pockets.

We have saved millions of dollars in property taxes for clients on all property types, including:

Vacant land

Apartment buildings

Manufactured housing communities

Condominium developments

Retail stores

Shopping centers

Automobile dealerships

Light industrial

Industrial manufacturing facilities