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In eminent domain/condemnation cases, there are many issues that can affect the value of your property or business. Does the land possess development potential? Is there remaining property, and will its value be damaged? Does your business possess intangible value separate from its hard assets? Is it a specialized business, dependent on the property the government wishes to take? Are fixtures and equipment involved? What about relocation costs? Each property requires it's own unique analysis to determine maximim compensation.

SPC's specialized valuation expertise gives us the ability to properly identify, ask and answer these questions, and to develop a comprehensive strategy for securing maximium compensation. We capitalize on our existing knowledge and past successes, but consider each case individually, and customize our recommendations according to our client's specific situation.

We coordinate closely with appraisers and other experts on a daily basis, and our attorneys have completed intensive appraisal courses offered by national associations. Each has an in-depth understanding of the valuation process, and the skill and knowledge necessary to effectively communicate the value of your property to a court or jury.

Our eminent domain and condemnation experience includes:

Entertainment/Destination Developments

  • » Comerica Park & Ford Field (Detroit's "Dual Stadia Project")
    » Detroit's MITS Center
    » Detroit Waterfront Reclamation and Casino Development Project
    » Wayne County's Pinnacle Aeropark
    » Wayne State University's Welcome Center

Highway and Interchange Construction

  • » I-696
    » I-94/Zeeb Road
    » I-96/Beck Road
    » M-5/Haggerty Road
    » Northwestern Connector
    » M-24
    » M-59

Road Widenings

  • » Adams Road
    » Crooks Road
    » Grand River Avenue
    » Lapeer Road
    » Long Lake Road
    » Maple Road (Oakland and Macomb Counties)
    » Northwestern Highway Connector
    » Novi Road
    » Rochester Road
    » Ryan Road
    » Telegraph Road
    » Twelve Mile Road
    » University Drive

Airports and Bridges

  • » Ambassador Bridge
    » Bellevue Bridge
    » Blue Water Bridge
    » Canton Center Road Bridge
    » Detroit/Wayne County Metropolitan Airport
    » Flint-Bishop Airport